The software allows you to create question bank for various exams , and it stores your different types of questions with answers in an organized way. The test generator then allows you to create tests with the criteria that you want with the reusability of stored question bank. The tests can be exported to word file with your institute’s header and footer.

“So spend your time on teaching rather than setting papers.”

Thus one can call this as a paper setting software, question bank software, or paper generator software.

We also take customized software requirements orders.

Software Features

» User Login & Password
» Gujarati & English Language Spported
» Add / Edit your own Question & Answer
» Enter Equations
» Set Image, Audio, Video
» Set Difficulty
» Support Hint, Explanation, Flag
» Error Reporting
» Export to Word

» Set Date, Time, Test Type, Test Name
» Total Question, Total Marks
» Passing Marks, Negative Marks
» Fast & Accurate Processing
» Set Paper Header, Footer Sections
» Paper can edit.
» Auto Selection Question with Difiiculty
» Paper with Answer key
» And many more....

Software Screenshots
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